50: 1962-2012


Waterproof case with padded organizer for photographic equipment and convulted foam in the lid

Dimensiones externas: 464 x 366 x H 176 mm/18.27 x 14.41 x 6.93 inch
Dimensiones internas: 426 x 290 x H 159 (114+45) mm/16.77 x 11.41 x 6.26 (4.50+1.76) inch
Peso: 2,78 kg


EASY FIT fly boxes
Compact and light-weight fly boxes fit comfortably into any vest or shirt pocket. Articles M10 and M20 feature a hanging slot, allowing for easy and neat storage. They all come with high-density EVA foam to securely hold your flies.


IFT fly boxes
For fishermen who like to have a selection of flies ready to go the IFT system (Interchangeable foam tray) is perfect as it allows one to keep a variety of flies on hand in our carefully designed foam trays that can then be switched out according to ones needs. The fly boxes come with two foam trays and double sided velcro tape dots to fix the tray onto the lid and/or base. Additional foam trays can be purchased separately so one’s fishing needs can be more easily met.
They all come with high density EVA foam to securely hold your flies in place and a polypropylene tray to improve the rigidity of the storage surface.


Caja de pesca de polipropileno.
El maletín contiene 4 cajas 194 con separadores amovibles y 1 caja 190Spin con portacebos spinning interno.
Gran compartimiento bajo la tapa.
Dimensiones: 420 x 303 x H 400 mm / 16.53 x 11.92 x H 15.75 inch

502 Superbox

Disponible con mango telescópico.

Dimensiones externas: 687 x 528 x H 276 mm/27.05 x 20.79 x 10.86 inch
Dimensiones internas: 620 x 460 x H 250 (190+60) mm/24.41 x 18.11 x 9.84 (7.48+2.36) inch
Peso: 6,9 kg


Disponible con mango telescópico.

Espumas troqueladas en el fondo y perfiladas en la tapa de serie. Espumas troqueladas a medida bajo pedido.

Dimensiones externas: 687 x 528 x H 366 mm/27.05 x 20.79 x 14.41 inch
Dimensiones internas: 620 x 460 x H 340 (280+60) mm/24.41 x 18.11 x 13.38 (11.02+2.36) inch
Peso: 8,0 kg


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