50: 1962-2012


Caja de pesca de polipropileno de 3 pisos
Outside dimensions: mm. 370x222x197 H


M50 DELUXE fly boxes
These boxes are for fishermen who like to carry different kinds of flies in the same box. It comes with a slotted or tube fly foam in the base, 2 tube fly foam strips glued to the side and a micro-slit foam tray with double sided velcro dots for fixing, which can be interchanged by purchasing different foam sets from the M50 series.


Caja de pesca de polipropilenode 4 pisos
Outside dimensions: mm. 460x282x221 H


Portable fly caddy station in a heavy duty IP67 case - waterproof and dustproof
Dimensions: 336 x 300 x H 148 mm - 13.23 x 11.81 x H 5.83 inch


Maletin de enseres para limpieza del caballo de polipropileno con 1 piso móvil.
Outside dimensions: mm 406x252x244 H


Maletín de enseres para la limpieza del caballo enpolipropileno con soporte extraíble para pincel, un piso móvil y dos separadores interiores.
Dimensiones externas: 515 x 287 x H 338 cm / 20.28 x 11.30 x H 13.31 inch


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