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This stackable grooming box comes in fashionable and trendy colours.
It offers great savings in transportation and stocking costs as it is stackable. Its reinforced lid can be sat or even stood on.
Store all your tack away in this box that features a removable tray for your convenience.
Thanks to a removable brush holder things stay nice and clean inside.
External dimensions: mm 400x275xh245


Polypropylene horse grooming box with one moveable tray
and removable brush holder
Outside dimensions: mm 405 x 305 x H 320
Inside dimensions (min.): mm 335 x 235 x H 275
Inside dimensions(max.): mm 390 x 280 x H 315


Polypropylene grooming box with 1 movable tray.
Outside dimensions: mm 394x215xh195


Polypropylene grooming box with 1 movable tray.
Outside dimensions: mm 406x252x244 H


Polypropylene horse grooming box with removeable brush holder, one removeable tray and two internal partitions.
External dimensions: 515 x 287 x H 338 cm / 20.28 x 11.30 x H 13.31 inch


Ergonomical polypropylene stool for farriers.
The stool features four cases with adjustable compartments (art. 194) and roomy storage under the lid.
Highly resistant ergonomical seat.


Saddle carrying case with wheels and 31" retractable handle.
Lid compartments to store small accessories.
Outside Dimensions: mm. 750x487x493 (LxWxH)


Polypropylene self-filling drinking trough with float valve, 6 litres.


Polypropylene automatic water trough with float valve, 3 litres.


Corner manger with metal front frame and two lateral wall supports enabling greater


Feed bucket, 14 l


Feed bucket with handle, 14 l


45lt bucket


Polypropylene bucket with metal handle 18 L.

116/18 V

Polypropylene bucket with metal handle 12 l.

116/12 V

ABS shaving fork


ABS pitch fork.


Double case for straps.

27 195x120x72

Thermoformed PET Blister Packs

Strong, reusable blister packs with easy opening and closing, having fully usable interior and excellent transparency.

Thermoformed PET Blister Pack

Rigid Polypropylene Blister Pack.

Handy, strong injection-moulded polypropylene container, with slot for use on displays and featuring excellent transparency. All models with codes D and F and also be produced without slot to order (minimum order).

Polyproylene blisters

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